Welcome to MandaRhymes - Mandarin Chinese Rhymes!

Monday, 09 October 2017

Greetings! We are delighted to launch MandaRhymes, a brand new web app that allows babies, toddlers, children, mummies, daddies, and everybody else to sing Mandarin Chinese songs together, and hopefully learn a few new words in the process!

How to Use MandaRhymes

MandaRhymes presents you with the rhyme both as music, and written down in Chinese characters. Don't worry - we'll highlight them as the music is playing so you'll know which word is being sung. Listen to how they sound. We have also provided the Hanyu Pinyin romanisation above each character to help with pronunciation. We'll cover the basics of Pinyin in a future post.

At the bottom of the rhyme page, you'll see the full Chinese text, the same text as Pinyin, and an approximate translation into English. To hear the pronunciation of the words in Mandarin Chinese, click Say Rhyme to hear a spoken audio version.

Click here to visit the main menu, and select the rhyme you'd like to sing. Simply click the Play button, and watch the correct Chinese characters highlight at the right moment. To select another rhyme, either return to the main page, or you can use the Rhymes menu at the top of every page.

We hope you have fun singing and learning Chinese with MandaRhymes. Stay tuned; many more rhymes and features are on their way!