About MandaRhymes

MandaRhymes is a fun way for babies, toddlers, and children to get a great bilingual start in life with nursery rhymes! While singing along to their favourite songs, little ones will effortlessly pick up Mandarin Chinese words and sounds.

MandaRhymes helps you keep up with the songs by highlighting the words and characters as they're being sung, and contains both Chinese characters and Pinyin text to help with pronunciation.

MandaRhymes is perfect for kids who enjoy a sing-song, and parents who wish to teach their children (and themselves!) an invaluable skill. We believe that music is the best way to memorise and engage with learning a language, and we hope you'll find MandaRhymes an enjoyable and useful place to come.

Contact MandaRhymes

For all enquiries and suggestions, please contact us at [email protected].